Stampede Rewards Stampede Rewards

Most Frequently Ask Questions about our Rewards Program

It is a FREE program that is offered to Stampede Houston customers in which you can earn points every time you scan your QR code at the entrance of the club, plus Stampede Rewards has many more benefits.
Yes. Stampede Rewards is totally free!
Yes, Stampede Rewards requires registration.
Send a text message with the word "JOIN" to 832-937-4334
  • 1. Once you receive your QR Code save it.
  • 2. Upon arrival, locate the exclusive entrance for Members
  • 3. Scan your code at the entrance of Stampede Houston.
  • - Free Entry. (varies per night)

    - Exclusive Promotions.

    - Special Discounts.

    - Earn Points

    - Points will be assigned at the time your scan your QR code at the entrance.

    - Free Entry not valid for concerts or special events.

    It is the responsibility of each Member to read and understand the terms and conditions described below. The membership is for individual use only and is not transferable. Points are earned in a calendar year from January 1 to December 31. You must be at least 18 years old to register. Stampede Houston reserves the right to cancel a member's account and cancel accumulated points if Stampede Houston, in its sole discretion, believes that the member is abusing the program or misrepresents any information associated with the program. Stampede Houston reserves the right to terminate the program or to change these Terms and Conditions, regulations or benefits of participation, in whole or in part at any time with or without prior notice.