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Houston Night Games: Darts, Giant Jenga, and More

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Welcome to Stampede Houston, where the excitement never ends! We're not just a dance club – we're your ultimate destination for a night filled with games, laughter, and camaraderie. Step into our vibrant games area and explore an array of exciting activities that will keep you entertained throughout the night

Giant Jenga Showdowns at Stampede Houston
Stampede Houston

Test Your Aim and Precision with Darts, Strategize and Connect 4 in Epic Battles.

Calling all dart enthusiasts! Show off your skills at our dartboards and take aim for the bullseye. Whether you're a seasoned player or trying your hand at darts for the first time, the thrill of hitting the target is sure to keep you hooked.

Challenge your friends to intense Connect 4 battles. Exercise your strategic thinking as you strategically drop your discs to connect four in a row. The cheers and laughter of victory will fill the air as you compete for Connect 4 supremacy

Houston Poker Tournaments: Play and Win in Style

Friday Night Thrills: Free Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments

Every Friday at 9:00 PM, the stakes are high and the cards are dealt for our free Texas Hold'em poker tournaments. Test your poker face and strategy as you compete against other players for exciting prizes. Whether you're a poker pro or a novice, the thrill of the game awaits!

50+ Big Screens at Stampede Houston

Immerse Yourself in the Action on 50+ Big Screens

Not only can you play games, but you can also catch all the live action on our impressive 50 big screens. Don't miss a moment of the excitement as you enjoy your favorite games, matches, and events while surrounded by the lively atmosphere of Stampede Houston.

Powerful Strikes: Punching Bag Fun at Stampede

Release Stress with the Punching Bag

Need to unleash some energy? Our punching bag area is the ideal spot to let off steam. Take a swing and feel the rush of adrenaline as you give the punching bag your all. It's a controlled and safe way to blow off some steam and have a blast.

Precision Play: Stampede Houston Pool Table Delight
Stampede Houston

Pool Table Mastery or Corn Hole Delight: An All-Time Favorite Refined Play

Get ready for a fun-filled corn hole experience. Grab a bean bag and aim for the target board, aiming for the hole to score points. It's a fantastic game for groups, providing hours of enjoyment and friendly competition.

If you're seeking a more sophisticated gaming experience, our pool tables await. Play a relaxed game with friends or participate in a friendly tournament. Our well-maintained tables provide the perfect setting for showcasing your pool skills.

Stampede Houston

Games and Entertainment for Everyone

At Stampede Houston, we believe in providing a diverse range of games and activities that cater to all preferences. Our games area is designed to create a lively and interactive space for guests of all ages to enjoy. Whether you're a fan of classic games or looking to try something new, there's something special waiting for you at our games area.

Unwind and Socialize in Style

While our dance floor is the heart of the party, our games area provides the perfect opportunity to unwind and socialize in a more relaxed setting. Take a break from dancing, grab a drink, and enjoy some friendly competition with your friends or make new connections with fellow guests over a game of your choice.

Join the Fun at Stampede Houston

Stampede Houston: Your hotspot for non-stop fun! Join us for games, laughter, and an unforgettable night of entertainment. From darts to poker, our venue guarantees a lively evening filled with excitement and camaraderie. Whether it's the dance floor or game, enjoy a complete entertainment experience at Stampede Houston!

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11925 Eastex Fwy, Houston TX 77039, USA

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Friday - Saturday: 8:00pm - 2:00am

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Stampede Houston

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